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What If Stories: Just Like Starting Over, Part III

Yes It Is & Tomorrow Never Knows
Title: What If Stories: Just Like Starting Over, Part III
Authors: jenny_wren28 & lovely_rita_mm
Starring: The Beatles (specifically John Lennon) and Maggie Sue
Rating: R for language, sex, & implied drug use.
Disclaimer: We don’t own any of the Beatles, this obviously never happened, and much to the real Maggie’s disappointment, is a complete work of fiction.

Happy Holidays, readers! Here is Part III of our little short story "Just Like Starting Over". We hope you enjoy!

In case you are just tuning it, if you've read our first story, Yes It Is, you will know that our heroine time traveled to 1964, hung out with the Beatles, went back home to 2006, only to find that despite warning John, she hadn't saved him. She goes back, and... well, we don't want to spoil too much more for you. If you haven't read "Yes It Is", you should, because there's obviously more to it than what I just summarized for you! But I am biased, of course! ;-)

This new ficlet was born when Lovely Rita texted Jenny Wren and said "What if Maggie hadn't been able to get back the 2nd time? And what if John missed her so much he found a way to time travel to the future for her?"

Well, the idea took hold, and after a few phone calls between Rita & Jenny, a plot was born for a one shot Alternate Universe (AU) to the already existing AU. Then our writers realized that there was no way this could be told in just one short story... so here we give you Part I. Parts II and II should arrive in the next few weeks or so.

Don't worry, we're still working on Real Love - but sometimes another story grabs you and you've got to write it!

If you want to refresh yourself on Yes It Is before reading this, you'd only have to read up through the first part of Chapter 6, because that's where this story veers us off into another "What If?".

Previous updates located HERE!

Just Like Starting Over, Part III
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