Lovely Rita (lovely_rita_mm) wrote in beatle_review,
Lovely Rita

"Real Love" coming soon!

Hello Dear Readers - we are so sorry to have left you so long, but things have been busy in our lives, and more recently, one of us has had some time-consuming health issues. But we are working through them and we are very pleased to announce that at long last, we are going to start posting the next sequel to “Yes It Is” and “Tomorrow Never Knows"!

This is how it will work.

We’ve decided “Real Love” will have four parts to it. We will start posting the chapters in the first part in early to mid-September 2011. (Please don't ask us to move up the date because we have both an upcoming Convention and an outpatient surgery to get through before we will be able to post!) We’ll take a short break between parts of the story. (But we swear, just a short one!)

Thanks for all your support and for sticking with us. We hope you'll like this story and you'll forgive us for leaving you so long with a cliff-hanger! :-)

See you again soon with the first chapter of "Real Love"...
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