Lovely Rita (lovely_rita_mm) wrote in beatle_review,
Lovely Rita

Real Love: Chapter One

Real Love
Title: Chapter One
Authors: lovely_rita_mm & jenny_wren28
Starring: The Beatles (specifically John Lennon) and Maggie Sue
Rating: R for language, sex, & implied drug use.
Disclaimer: We don’t own any of the Beatles, this obviously never happened, and much to the real Maggie’s disappointment, is a complete work of fiction.</b>

Hello Readers! Finally it is here, the first chapter of our 3rd book, "Real Love"

In case you are just tuning in, this is a sequel to both Yes It Is (wherein our heroine time travels to 1964 meets John Lennon and tries to change the past to save his life) and Tomorrow Never Knows (wherein her adventures with the Beatles continue).

You can read both books plus some extras here:

So, without further ado, here is Chapter One of "Real Love":

Chapter One
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