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Beatle Review

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Merry's Challege [14 Oct 2006|10:14pm]
My last post at paulismydork gave me a groovy idea...and one that i'm going to come through one, because frankly its damn easy and I don't have to do much.


I'm sure some of you did this in an English class for different books that you read and the teacher askes you to do make a dinner party and invite guests that are really charaters from the different novels.

Same concepts only with The Beatles.

basic outline

The year is 2006, and for this challege ALL FOUR BEATLES (and Brian if you choose) are still alive. YOU are writing an full-length in depth artlicle on them and about their newest album release. You invite them over to your house for a dinner party.

Who else besides the Beatles are at the party?

What are you going to cook? Keep some of what you cook, one Beatle will like it, but the others will not, so each dish should satisfy at least one Beatle.

and What is the main conversations?

Keep it as real to them as possible but don't fear of being creative

The Challege ends Nov. 23.

be sure to post your final product here at beatle_review OR paulismydork

So...any takers?
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