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Beatle Review -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Beatle Review

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[27 Dec 2006|11:35am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Name: Amanda
Age: 19
Username: xxprettyinmetal
Favourite Beatle: Lennon
Favourite Fan Fiction: Not sure yet, I'm only new.
Are you a writer? How often do you write?: Yes, and I try to write everyday.
Favourite Fan Fiction written by you: I have just written one, which is called I'm Looking Through You and is a Sean Lennon fic, will post here today.

Hello everyone.  I'm an avid Beatles fan and would love to make fans who love them as much as I do.  I love to write and I love fan fiction.  I'm Australian, I'm female and I'm a nursing student hoping to get into medicine when I'm done.

Friends anyone?

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I'm Looking Through You - Chapter 1 [27 Dec 2006|11:40am]
[ mood | artistic ]

This is the only Beatles fic I've written so comments and constructive critcism would be much appreciated.
Title - I'm Looking Through You
Rating - PG-13, adult themes
Stars - Sean, Yoko, Julian, Dhani, and a surprise guest, I don't want to give it all away.
Disclaimer - Sean probable doesn't feel this way, it was just a thought I had.

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[27 Dec 2006|05:58pm]
[mood| worried]
[music| For you blue - The Beatles]

This is my very first (and probably last too) attempt for a fanfic. It came out cause these days i have more free time And i hope you like it! ;D

Title : And then he cried
Rating : PG13 - I suppose…
Pairing : J/P
Disclaimer : Ok this is totally fiction and though it’s supposed to take place right before Julian’s birth I used later clues too, such as the song in the end and Apple studios.I suppose you can see how much i love anachronisms =P
Anyway I hope you’ll like it, it’s only my first so be nice ok?

Komm, Gib Mir Deine HandCollapse )
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For No One - Chapter 3 [27 Dec 2006|07:56pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Title: For No One
Author: chester_bnngton
Starring: The Beatles & Mary Klaine
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own the Beatles, I only own Mary Klaine, this is a fictional story with lots of real facts, but mostly everything is fictional.

Sorry I took so long, but I promise to keep posting this fanfiction =) (Of course, just if you like it ^^*)

Chapter 3Collapse )

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Welcome to the new members =) It's always nice to have new people reading and posting fan fictions ^^*
PS: For the new people over 'ere, I just let you know that I'm from Mexico, and that's why the bunch of grammar mistakes, I'll appreciate the corrections and if you point them out to me :D.

Mary McLennon

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[27 Dec 2006|08:10pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Two short ones here for you, I've been writing and thinking all day.  They're both kind of sad...  Sorry...

Title - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Rating - PG-13
Starring - Sean (see a patterrn forming?), Yoko, George, Julian
Disclaimer - This one even made me cry while I was writing it.

And the second one...

Title - Across The Universe
Rating - PG-13
Starring - Paul, Linda, their kids
Disclaimer - This one is really sweet, I think Paul and Linda were the most beautiful couple.

I guess I have a flair for that which tugs at the heart strings.
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Hello! New member! [27 Dec 2006|09:57pm]
Name: Nora
Age: 14
Username: norastarr
Favourite Beatle: Ringo
Favourite Fan Fiction: Not sure yet. I've read a couple of the newest ones, and I really like them, but I'll have to read more to decide.
Are you a writer? How often do you write?: I'm a sporadic writer. Whenever I feel creative or get an idea, I write and write until it's all out on paper. I don't write everyday, unfortunately.
Favourite Fan Fiction written by you: I've only finished one, and have about 3 more sitting around halfway done. I'll get around to finishing them one day :)
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[27 Dec 2006|11:36pm]
Name: Pattie
Age: 27
Username: macca_doc
Favourite Beatle: Paul
Favourite Fan Fiction: I ven´t read it yet.... but there´s a lot quite good.
Are you a writer? How often do you write?:
I'm... I wish i could write more often as I used to do it some years ago... but I´m doing my best ´ere.
Favourite Fan Fiction written by you: Talking about Beatle Fic... well It´d be probably "It´s all About the Ashes", I ven´t posted it yet, but it´s pretty much about Beatle Kids.

ps. M, sorry I didn´t do it before! ;)
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[27 Dec 2006|11:46pm]
Name: Zedral
Age: 27
Username: haris_on_tour
Favourite Beatle: George Harrison
Favourite Fan Fiction: lots and lots of George
Are you a writer? How often do you write?: I am a writer, but I haven't written in ages.
Favourite Fan Fiction written by you: "In Our Life" - really the only one I finished!
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Hullo everyone =) [27 Dec 2006|11:56pm]
Hi, I just wanted to welcome our new members and I'm really happy to see this community grow and how people is participating ^^* thank you SO much :D

Well, I worked a little with the user info and now there's a fan fiction archive with the links to every single fan fiction in the comm ^^*... hope you like it :D

And guys... have fun and keep on posting your fan fictions :D

Mary McLennon
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