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The Night Before.... ♥

Title: The Night Before
Author:  chester_bnngton
Starring: Paul McCartney, Mary Klaine (And small parts of John and George)
Rating:  R (Not too explicit and not too many strong language)
Disclaimer: I don't own Paul, John or George, that never happened, or I'd be an old lady xD

Chapter 1
John, Paul and George were playing the guitar in Paul’s garage while his father was out of town visiting some relatives; John was smoking, and handed the ciggies to his friends. They were having fun, chatting more than playing. John was telling stories about his birds to the young Paul and George.
-         Really? – George said amazed
-         Yup, I’m gonna see some panties t’night – John said taking a deep drag to his ciggie
-         I’ve seen panties before – The 16 year old Paul said
-         I’m talkin’ ‘bout real panties Paulie… you know?, not the ones from those dirty magazines you have hidden under your bed – John said laughing
-         For your concern I don’t have those magazines, and I’m talkin’ ‘bout real panties too, from real birds, flesh and bone, and more than once – Paul said hurt feeling
-         S’re you ‘ave Paulie, s’re you ‘ave
-         James Paul McCartney what the bloody hell are you doin’ with that ciggie on your hands? – A girl’s scream could be heard from miles away
Paul turned his back to see at the doors garage to the tall, long haired, brunette that was staring at him.
-         I was just handing John his ciggie while he played the guitar – Paul screwed his fake excuse when he realized that John didn’t have his guitar
-         Who’s the birdie? – John said elbowing Paul on the ribs
-         Shut up – Paul said in annoyance
-         You’ll see when your father come home – The girl said still standing up at the door
-         Baby Paulie has a babysitter? – John said making fun of Paul’s situation
-         Told you to shut the fuck up!!!!
-         What?
-         Not you… Mary… go inside, I’ll go with you in a minute ‘k? – Paul begged to the girl
-         And prepare a good excuse luvy – She said walking out
-         Luvy? – John said holding back the laughter
-         She’s not me baby-sit, she’s just an ol’ friend of the family, she’s staying with me while my dad’s gone!
-         She’s babysitting you
-         Call it whatever you want – Paul said tired of that talk
-         She’s quite a sugar – John said looking at the place in the door where the girl was standing up some minutes ago
Paul smiled sarcastically and said – She’s even out of your league Lennon
-         That’s s’mthing I have to prove by my’elf don’t ya think little Paulie? – John said tapping Paul’s hair
-         She’s in her twenties, she’ll never go out with an stupid 18 y’r ol’ guy like you
-         Wanna bet?
-         Stay away from her – Paul said a little angry
-         You like the bird… don’t you?
-         Leave me, and her alone ok?
-         Hahahaha you’re 16 Paul, you’ve just said that she’d never go out with an stupid 18 y’r ol’ guy like me… will she make an exception with you?
-         I TOLD YOU TO STOP!!! – Paul said pushing John and leaving the garage
John looked at George who was just witnessing the scene
-         He’s a moody baby – John said not caring about Paul’s reaction – Let’s go for a drink… or a coco shake – John said realizing that George was way younger to be legalized to drink and went away
Chapter 2
Paul convinced Mary to not say anything to his dad, after a long session of puppy eyes and sweet talking, who can resist that?. Later that night, they were watching an scary movie called “House On Haunted Hill” on the living room, so Mary was getting’ scared.
-         Paul? – She said curled up in the couch
-         Yes? – Paul asked not looking away from the telly
-         Can you please c’me ‘ere? – She said tapping on the empty space beside her
-         Oh… uhm… sure – He said getting up of his seat and sat beside her
She curled up in Paul arms and rested her head in his chest, he suddenly forgot about the telly, and concentrate on not breathing too hard, he could feel a rush of reddish colour on his cheeks and the faster beating of his heart. “Bleedin’ lies” he thought, how he could have said to his friends that he had been with girls and still get so nervous with just a cuddle night watching telly “With the hottest girl on earth?” he finished his thoughts, Mary got scared from a scene on the telly and hid her face in Paul’s chest. “God this is not helping… C’mon Macca CONCENTRATE!!!... you’re talkin’ to y’reself you fool”. He was doing fine for a while, controlling himself, but Mary left her hand a little bit over his knee. “Oh god… oh god this is not good”, he thought feeling more nervous, “Oh no, please no” he said to himself at a particular feeling between his legs “Not now”. The truth was that Paul had never been with a girl, just kisses and stuff that kids of his age does, but having Mary so close to him was driving him crazy, trying to hide it, afraid of her reaction if she realizes that he was having a bloody erection while she was just watching some telly. “She will think I’m a bloody kid, just a bloody kid” he thought rubbing his eyes with one hand, feeling a little sweaty on the forehead “This is ridiculous, she’s just a girl… a hot girl… no no a girl, just a girl… think in something else… John… John is an arshole… think in John, yes John!!! That should help….. no… it’s not helping… damn”. The movie was coming to the end, and Paul’s reaction was getting worse “What the hell am I supposed to do?, she’s gonna turn on the lights, and she’s gonna see me… damn… damn you John, you’re useless in every bleedin’ way” he thought angry, feeling like a fool of being in such an embarrassing situation.
For Paul’s unlucky situation, the movie finished and Mary was talking about it, Paul couldn’t hear a word, she was going to stand up and turn on the lights, that was the only thing he could think about at the moment, he will get busted. That’s it… busted with an erection with his “babysitter”, what a great story to tell to the guys.
Mary got up and turned on the lights and got back to the coach not realizing anything
-         What a great movie – She said giving Paul a lovely kiss on the cheek – Hun you’re hot… do you feel right? – She asked feeling the heat on Paul’s cheek
-         Eh… yes, I’m ok – He said terrified
-         C’me ‘ere, you’re father has a thermometer in the bathroom
She said pulling Paul of the hand to get up, he gave up, and got up after her, even a blind guy could see the nervous in Paul eyes, in how fast he was breathing, he was terrified, she was staring at him, surprised and with a new pink colour on the cheeks.
-         I… me… I’m… DAMN!!! – He said running upstairs and locking himself in his room not after kicking Mike out
Mary ran after him
-         What happened? – Mike asked confused
-         Nothing hun… can you please sleep in your daddy’s room t’night? – she asked a little embarrassed not wanting Mike to know what have just happened.
-         Sure – he said rubbing his eyes a little sleepy and went to his father’s room downstairs
-         Open the door Paul – She said knocking on the door
-         Please… just… leave me alone – She could hear him sobbing
-         It’s ok Paul… I promise it’s ok
-         I don’t want you to see me… go away… please – He begged
-         Baby, it’s ok – she repeated
-         Don’t call me baby, I’M NOT A BABY!!!
-         Of course you’re not… I can tell – She said with a different tune
Paul opened the door slowly not very sure of what he was doing, not knowing if it was a good idea or he was just making the fool of himself.
Chapter 3
There he was, looking at the floor hiding his eyes from her, he’s pinkish cheeks were wet with tears.
-         Are you happy now? – He said in what it seemed it was a whisper
-         Can I come in?
He just stepped out of the door, leading her to his room; she walked slowly around the room, watching every single part of it, like if it was her first time in there. She then looked up at Paul who was standing in the door, still looking at the floor, so she walked to him and caressed his cheek.
-         Paul, there’s nothing to be embarrassed to
-         I don’t want to talk about it – He said freeing his face of her hand
-         Look at me… Paul look at me
He slowly raised his eyes to her
-         You have such beautiful eyes – She said with a lovely smile
He turned his eyes to the side, feeling his cheeks turn red again; she undid the first bottom of Paul’s shirt
-         What are you doin’? – he said looking at her hands un doing the bottoms of his shirt
-         I’m just showing you that there’s nothing to be ashamed
She pulled him from the shirt and kissed him deeply in the mouth, he was with the eyes open, surprised, not knowing what to do, Mary Klaine, the love of his life was there, kissing him, in his room, no parents around, he just closed his eyes, not knowing what to do next. She took off his shirt completely not stopping the kiss, she pulled him of the hand and walked to the bed, he was stunned but followed her, she started to kiss him again, as they laid in the bed, she was on top of him, kissing him passionately, feeling Paul’s reaction to her touch, rubbing her body against his, Paul closed his eyes feeling every single move, not believing that this was really happening, she unzipped his trousers and pulled them down with his underwear and positioned herself in the centre, feeling him inside her, he hold back a moan a little embarrassed and took her waists in his hands, closing his eyes excessively hard
-         Are you ok? – She whispered in his ear
-         Perfect… I… I’m perfect – He hardly said
She moved faster while she kissed him, bit his lips, tasting him, he was still trying not to make the fool of himself, and tried to move like if he knew what he was doing, but he couldn’t but feel… just feel what she was doing to him, to see her on top of him, moving faster, seeing the pleasure on her face, her naked body was beautiful, perfect, his breathe was getting faster as the beats of his heart. He could feel a rush of heat through his body, his cheeks were burning, he couldn’t wait longer.
-         Mary… I can’t… wait… - He said with a moan
-         Just feel it – She said kissing his forehead but not stopping her movements
They ended up cuddling naked in bed, her head on his chest, hearing every single beat of his heart, tired, almost sleep, she smiled at him “I love you Paulie” she said closing her eyes and falling asleep.
Chapter 4
When Paul woke up, he realized he was alone, with his underwear on, and wrapped in the sheets of his bed, he got out of bed, puts a t-shirt on, and a grey pants that for the size it seemed to be Mike’s. He went downstairs and Mike was watching the telly.
-         Where’s Mary?
-         Out
-         Where?
-         I don’t know, why you wanna know?
-         Just curious – he said making himself a bowl of cereal with milk and sat in the living room’s couch with Mike and watched the Telly
In the afternoon, a clean and well dressed Paul was in the living room reading a book and heard noises in the front door, so he looked through the window, there she was, talking to her best friend, he felt something weird in his stomach, he got weak on the knee, and felt like he couldn’t speak, it was love? He had all the symptoms, she opened the door smiling and chatting with her friend.
-         Paulie, I went to Pattie’s house, how’s Mike?
-         He’s doing his homework – Paul said trying not to sound excited to see her – Hi Pattie – He said to Mary’s friend
-         Pattie and I are going to be here for a while… you don’t have nothing to do? Hang out with your friends or something?.
-         Well… I… I was thinking in staying home today
-         Then why are you dressed like that?
-         I… oh I forgot, I’m going to go with John to… to the movies, yeah!
-         Ok… we’re going to be in the guest room if you need anything – She said
-         Eh… Mary wait
-         Yes?
-         Can we talk?
-         Sure, Pattie, I’ll se ya there
Pattie went to the guest’s room and Mary sat in the couch with Paul
-         What happen Paulie? – she said smiling
-         I… I thought that… after what… happened… yesterday – he said shyly – we could spend the day together… or something
-         Oh – she erased the smile on her face – Oh honey…
-         What?... what’s wrong?
-         There are things, that just can happen once… because…
-         Oh no… I wasn’t talking about that… I just…
-         I know what you mean luv, but we can’t repeat anything that happened yesterday
-         But…
-         What happened yesterday it was something beautiful, and I really care about you, but we can’t be together like more than friends… you’re 4 years younger than me Paulie
-         But… I don’t care… I love you!!!
-         I love you too… you’re my friend Paulie, the one who can always makes me smile
Paul could hear his own heart break inside him
-         I’m sorry Paulie
-         No… don’t… I’m ok… yeah… I’m ok – He said getting up – I’m just a kid… this things doesn’t happen to kids – he said walking to the door
Mary said something but he didn’t stop his walk out of the door, he was dizzy, he felt his heart beating faster but in a very different way than yesterday, his cheeks now were burning of anger and pain “I’m such a fool, how could I thought that we… that we could be something… but she said she loved me… I…” he stopped his walk to wipe the tears on his eyes, he didn’t know where he was going, so he hid in his garage and took his guitar and started to make music.
Chapter 5
-         This song is great – John said – when did you write it?
-         Uh?... oh, some minutes ago – Paul answered lost in his own thoughts
-         Are you ok?
-         Yeah I guess so…
-         Can you sing it? I wanna hear it
-         Yes sure – Paul said taking his guitar and started to play
We said our good-byes
Love was in your eyes
Now today I find
You have changed your mind
Treat me like you did the night before
Were you telling lies?
Was I so unwise
When I held you near
You were so sincere
Treat me like you did the night before, yeah
Last night is the night I will remember you by
When I think of things we did
It makes me wanna cry
We said our good-byes
Love was in your eyes
Now today I find
You have changed your mind
Treat me like you did the night before, yes
When I held you near
You were so sincere
Treat me like you did the night before
Last night is the night I will remember you by
When I think of things we did
It makes me wanna cry
Paul wiped the tears in his eyes, and knew that he’d always remember the night before his heart broke.
- miss mary lennon – 04/August/06

Hope you like it =)

miss mary lennon
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