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Drunk Vegas Nights

Title: Drunk Vegas Nights
Author: Merry
Starring: well its more of a pairing but Paul and Ringo
Rating: pg-13 for wacky drunk Paul
Disclaimer: DUH! Of course I OWN The Beatles! Why else would I be doing this?
Synopsis: set in 2006 at the Las Vegas LOVE premire Paul gets Drunk and Ringo takes him back to his hotel room and takes care of him. A hint of slashy-ness but nothing to big.

Ringo watched as Paul downed another drink. How many was that now? Ringo wasn't keeping track, but he knew it was a lot. He knew that he should stay with Paul tonight; he knew what damage Drunk Paul could do, and the damage of him being both drunk and overly emotional? He didn't even want to think about it. He was also concerned if Paul even remembered where his room was! Ringo thought back on all those times when the four of them would get so pissed they'd all forgot where they were staying let a lone remembering the room number!

"Hey Barb, I think I should go with Paul tonight, he's had a one to few to many and the last thing I need is to find out he was at some strangers house." Ringo told his wife. He looked back over at Paul and noticed that he was currently trying to pick a fight with Yoko.

"I wrote the song Yesterday...not that daft sod Lennon! I should get full credit for it! Ya hear me?!" He stumbled a bit and Ringo got to him just in time before he fell.

"Sorry Yoko, you know how he can be."

"'Eeeeeey its Ritchie! You know Yokoko... he don't drink no more!" Paul stuttered out, his arm around Ringo's shoulders balancing himself.

"Yes, and maybe you should follow his lead." Yoko said in a calm voice before floating away.


It wasn't long before Ringo managed to drag Paul back to his hotel room. Once he had Paul seated on the couch and the door locked he felt a bit more at ease, now he just had to sober his friend up.

"Ritchie! Lemme sing you a song!"

"Let me get some tea. Then you can sing to me all you want."

"Don't want tea...want to sing to you." Paul got up and dragged Ringo back to the couch and sat him down and then he sat down next to him. "Been working on it...brand new."

"Okay Macca how does it go?"

I want to be your lover baby, Let me be your man.
Send me a valentine, birthday greetings bottle of wine
I wanna be your man, hope you still need me when I’m 64!

"Like it?"

Ringo tried to hold in his laughter. "I love it Mac. Now let me make some tea." Ringo got up again and walked over to the kitchen area and heated up the water.

"I wrote it just for you."

"That’s very nice of you."

"I love you Ritchie that’s why I wrote it." Paul stumbled over to Ringo and wrapped his arms around his waist and leaned on his back in a warm embrace.

"If only that were true" Ringo whispered to himself. He said louder "Comm'ed sit back down tea will be done soon."

" you still need me?"

"Yes Paulie."

"Good, because I still need you. I love you." Ringo helped Paul to get back on the couch for the third time. He sat back down next to him a moment later with two cups of tea and handed one to Paul.

"I love you Ritchie....lots and lots."

"You said that." Ringo was hopping that his friend would just fall asleep. Sleeping it off, that’s what he needed. Ringo closed his eyes for a moment. He was soon jerked out of his trance by Paul poking him on his leg. He opened his eyes only to find Paul kneeled on the ground on one knee.

"Rich will you marry me?"

"No. Paul go to bed now."

"YOU DON'T LOVE ME!" Paul screamed at him and Ringo jerked.

"I do, but not enough to marry. Now sleep." Ringo said pointing to the bedroom. Paul stumbled up and tried his best to walk over to the bedroom refusing Ringo's help.

"Why are you even here?" Paul yelled at him before climbing into his bed. Ringo followed him into the bedroom and got into the other bed.

" Goo’night. And I do love you." Ringo whispered into the night. He was met by silence. Just as he was about to finally get some shut-eye he heard Paul whisper back into the dark.

"I Love you too."

Ringo didn't know how long he was asleep for all he knew was that he was woken up by Paul crawling into bed with him and cuddling him close. What does he want now? Ringo thought to himself.

"Paul what do you want?"

"You never said why you were here."

"Well for one thing you where or you are drunk off your ass. I also figured you was lonely." Ringo stated. Paul looked up at him; he was always amazed by Ringo's ability to know how other people were feeling and make them feel better about it. Paul never said once that night to Ringo or to anyone how he was feeling, hoping if he played his cards right that everyone would finally think that he was alright. But he forgot that Ringo was hard to fool. Paul leaned over and gave Ringo a kiss; it was short and sweet, but lingered in the air. Ringo smiled at him.

"Did you mean it?" Paul said snuggling close to Ringo and closing his eyes

"Mean what?"

"When you said you love me."

"I always mean it Paulie."

"Good. Now sleepy sleep." Paul dropped off. Ringo had to smile and hugged him close to his body.

"Silly Paulie." He gave Paul a kiss and finally allowed himself some sleep.
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