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I Will - Chapter 5

Title: I Will
Starring: Paul McCartney, James McCartney & Mary Klaine
Rating: G
Disclaimer: This never happened, it's just made up by my mind ^_^
What's about?: What happens when a young girl from Livepool gets a job, at the McCartney's house

Like James promised, he was at home more often, he and Mary became friends right away, so she stopped being so shy with him around. The days passed so quickly in the McCartney’s house, a month later Mary was more used to be there, it was weird, but she felt like home, everyone there were nice to her, even the gardener. Margaret spoils Mary like if she was her child, making her favourites breakfasts, or letting her cook once in a while her favourite plate… mashed potatoes. She stopped feeling herself like a bug in Paul’s life, because she could feel that Paul was really enjoying her presence, because he used to ask her to go with him to the park, or out for dinner. They also started to spend one hour per day reading a book, and he played the guitar to her once in a while, or the piano, or showed her the songs he was working in, they also liked to watch movies when they were bored. Paul was feeling better with Mary there, he had the company he always wanted since Linda died, the company he needed when Heather asked him for the divorce, he enjoyed the female company, and Mary was becoming a very special person in Paul’s life, she made his days brighter.

“I’m bored” Paul said throwing himself in the couch of the living room

“Wanna do something?” Mary said sitting down in the couch in front of Paul’s

“I wanna go out”


Paul thought for a second “Let’s go to the mall”

“The mall?” Mary asked astonished

“Yup, why?”

“I don’t know… I never thought that you went to the malls” Mary said with a giggle

“I’m not used to, but I quite want it right now”

“If it’s safe… let’s go” Mary said getting up and handed her hand to Paul and walked to the garage and asked Paul’s driver to drive them to the nearest mall.

The driver followed their orders and drove to a little mall, the nearest one from Paul’s house, Paul put a fake moustache on his clean face and he was wearing a turtle neck sweater, so he didn’t look like Paul anymore. So they walked out of the car, and got into the mall. They walked through the stores, watching everything, Paul bought a pair of chucks (converse) in a shoe store “I love tennis shoes” he said when they walked out of the store. He was begging Mary to buy whatever she liked, but she refuse to accept Paul’s money that she haven’t won working for him.

“Oh c’mon Mary, buy something”

“As soon as you discount it of my pay check” she said

“No, I refuse, I invited you ‘ere, I pay” he said firmly “Plus, I have enough money to buy the whole mall, so don’t be a spoiled girl and choose something”

“Ok ok” she said given up.

“Great” he said and took her by the arm and walked through the mall

He made her buy a bunch of CD’s for the stereo in her room, some Karaoke CD’s because he loved to sing in the karaoke (ironic uh?), some clothes, make up, and made her buy a puppy dog, a Golden Retriever, because when they were walking in front a pet store, she made the mistake to tell him, that she always dreamed of having that dog. So he bought it, she refused to accept it, but he said that he was going to keep it anyway. So it was the same thing, hers or his, they both lived in the same house. They called the puppy dog Chester. After some fun hours in the mall, they got back home, James was waiting for them to have dinner.

“Heather called” James said in the middle of the dinner

“What did she say?” Paul tried to sound indifferent

“She’s going to bring Beatrice tomorrow morning, you’ll have her for the summer holidays” James said while he was chewing his food.

“That’s wonderful, you’ll finally meet my baby girl” Paul said excited to Mary.

Mary smiled back at him, the light in Paul’s eyes was priceless to Mary, and she suddenly felt incredible happy “That’s great Paulie, I love babies… I can teach her some games” she said sharing Paul’s happiness

“Hey, you never taught me any game” James said jokily.

“I forgot you were a 3 year old baby” Mary said giggling.

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