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I Will - Chapter 6

Title: I Will
Starring: Paul McCartney, James McCartney & Mary Klaine
Rating: G
Disclaimer: This never happened, it's just made up by my mind ^_^
What's about?: What happens when a young girl from Livepool gets a job, at the McCartney's house?

Mary woke up earlier than usual, because Margaret asked her to receive Heather and Beatrice in the morning; because Paul wasn’t ready to see Heather after all what they’ve been through this past couple of months. Mary dressed up with a black new skirt that Paul bought her yesterday at the mall, and a pink blouse, pink sandals and her hair down to her shoulders. An hour later she could hear the door’s bell ring so she went down stairs, walked through the principal hallway and opened the door, a blond girl with a baby in her arms and sunglasses was in the other side.
“Good Morning” Mary said
“I’m looking for Paul McCartney” Heather said looking at Mary from head to toe
“He can’t see you Ma’am, he’s busy right now” Mary said in a polite tune
“And this is how he wants to take care of his child?” Heather said angry
“I’m sorry Ma’am, but I’m just an employee, and I’m not really allowed to know my boss’s personal life” Mary lied, that blonde was really annoying her “I’m the one who’s going to take care of baby Beatrice while Sir McCartney is busy”
Heather took a deep breath and handed Mary, Beatrice’s stuff, she told her everything what Mary needed to know and gave the kid to Mary and walked away.
Mary got on her knees and talked to Beatrice “Hi Beatrice… my name is Mary, wanna see your daddy?”
“Yes yes yes” the little Beatrice said jumping in excitement, she had missed her dad.
Mary took Beatrice’s little hand in hers and walked up stairs and took the baby to Paul’s room “We’re going to surprise you’re daddy ok? He’s sleeping, so, when I open the door, you’ll jump in his bed. Ok?”
“Ok, Mary” Beatrice said with a smile, and looked at the door.
Mary opened the door a little and looked inside, Paul was sleeping, she felt like smiling but tried to contain herself, so she opened the door wider and the baby ran as fast as she could to her Dad’s bed screaming “Daddy Daddy”
Paul opened his eyes and held the kid in his arms “My sweetest pumpkin” he said kissing the girl all over her face “Your daddy missed you so much”
“I missed you too Daddy” Beatrice said and hugged Paul of the neck.
He got up of the bed and walked to Mary who was standing at the door “Good morning, love” he said and kissed her on the cheek ‘Oh my god, we just look like a married couple’ she thought for a second and her cheeks turned red like if Paul could read her thoughts. 
“I’m going to take a shower, could you please tell Margaret that we’re ready to have breakfast? Some pancakes for today… Beatty is addicted to them”
“Yes I am” the baby in his arms said giggling
“Sure, the biggest pancakes for this little princess” Mary said winking to Beatrice
“Pumpkin, would you like to go with Mary to see Margaret make the pancakes?” Paul said to the baby
“You’re coming too daddy?”
“As soon as I come out of the shower” he said kissing her forehead
“Okie dokie” she said and Paul left her in the floor, so she walked and held Mary’s hand “Let’s go… I’m hungee” Beatrice said to Mary and they both walked away.
Paul joined them in the kitchen and they had breakfast there, after breakfast, Paul and Mary took Beatrice to the backyard to meet Chester, their new puppy dog, Beatrice loved animals, so she was happy to see a new furry friend. She was playing around with the dog, while Paul and Mary were watching her, seated in a bank in the middle of the yard. 
“You look happy Paulie” Mary said smiling to him
“I am Mary, I’m going through a really rough situation, but after all, I’m feeling good” he said with an honest smile.
“I’m glad” she said holding his hand “You deserve it” he only looked at their hands, and back at her, smiled and looked back to Beatrice not getting his hand off Mary’s. They just sat there, watching the kid play, holding hands.
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