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I Will - Chapter 12

Title: I Will
Starring: Paul McCartney, James McCartney & Mary Klaine
Rating: G
Disclaimer: This never happened, it's just made up by my mind ^_^
What's about?: What happens when a young girl from Livepool gets a job, at the McCartney's house?

The next day Paul woke up early and made some calls to his lawyers to see what he could do to fight for Beatrice’s custody, everything was really stressful for him to deal with, never thought he would end up fighting for his children. He finally left his office at noon when he started to crave for some food.
“Where’s Mary?” Paul asked to Margaret who was serving the food in the table only occupied by him.
“She’s still sleeping, Sir” she said serving some smashed potatoes into Paul’s plate.
“She’s still sleeping?... but it’s late… she needs to eat” Paul said getting up of his seat “I’ll be back in a second” and walked away.
He walked upstairs and knocked on Mary’s door, there was no answer, so he opened up the door slowly and looked inside to find Mary sleeping and holding her pillow. He could hear his own voice coming out of the stereo so he walked to it and turned it off and then walked to Mary’s bed and sat beside her and caressed her cheek, and Mary slowly opened her eyes at his touch.
“Good Day, Sunshine” Paul said still with his hand in her soft face.
“Hi” she said with a smile
“Get up, it’s late to be sleeping” he said standing up and opening up the curtains to let the sun get into the room “See? The sun came to say hello”
She sat in the bed and rubbed her eyes and yawned “It’s too late?”
“Not too much, but you never sleep so much” he said sitting in the side of the bed again “And I wanted to see if you were ok”
“Oh… I’ll be ready in a minute” she said getting out of the bed
He pulled her from the arm to sit back in the bed “Wait” he said looking at her face “Were you crying?”
“Me?... no… why?” she said nervous
“Your eyes” he said “they look sad”
“Don’t be silly, there’s no reason for me to be sad” she said faking a smile
“Are you sure?”
“Yes I am… can I change my clothes now?” she said getting up
“Of course, I’ll see you in the dining room”
Paul walked out of the room and Mary got into the bathroom ‘Damn it… how could he notice it?... where’s my bloody make up?’ she thought frustrated, she washed her face and put a lot of make up in her black eyes for Paul to not notice she spent the night crying, but it was useless now, he already noticed it. After lunch, they made some calls and checked out some papers, Paul looked stressed and of course sad and scared of losing his child. Mary didn’t know what to do to comfort him and tell him that everything was going to be ok, because she was scared too.
“I need a break of this” Paul said throwing some papers into his desk “Want a cup of tea?” he asked to Mary who was just seated there, not having anything else to do, they’ve done everything they had to do.
“Sure Paulie” she said getting up “Let’s go to the backyard… that’s more comfortable” she said stretching her hand to him, he held her hand and walked out of the house to the backyard and sat in the little bank where a month a go they were watching little Beatrice playing with Chester the puppy dog.
“I can’t believe this… I just can’t believe it” Paul said with his eyes lost, Mary stood in silence and he continued “I never thought I’d divorce… and of course I’d never imagine I’d had to fight for my kids”
“I don’t know what to say” Mary shrugged her shoulders, Paul looked at her and smiled “What?” she asked
“Nothing, I was just thinking” he said still smiling
“What? Tell me” she asked curious
He looked at her and sighed “Just that… what would it be like if…” he paused
“It can’t be so hard to say” she said naive
“If you were older” he said looking right into her eyes, she opened her eyes wider, her mouth was slightly open and her cheeks turned a crimson red, she looked away embarrassed of her reaction not knowing what to do and not knowing what he meant with that. Why he made her feel like that? Why?. After a moment he looked away too “I didn’t mean to… make you uncomfortable” he said playing nervously with his hands.
“No… oh no, it’s nothing wrong” she said smiling “I know it’s weird for you to hang out with a kid like me” she said and her voice broke at the end.
“I… I didn’t mean that” he said sorry
“Hey…” James said walking to them
Mary looked up and then looked back to Paul “I’ll leave you alone, I have some things to do” she said getting up, James followed her with his eyes as she walked away.
“Mary wait” Paul said but it was too late, she was already out of sight.
“What happened?” James asked confused
“Old but still stupid” Paul muttered
“Nothing” Paul said rubbing his eyes “It had been a long day”

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