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Hello, Goodbye 2 - A Beatles Story

Finally back with another chapter. I've been short on time lately. Thanks for the comments on the last chapter! So sorry I didn't comment back. I'll make sure I will this time. I really appreciate it. :)

Title: Hello, Goodbye
Author: Audrey (meredith_k)
Starring: Annie Bennett, Bonnie Maddox, George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own The Beatles or anything related to The Beatles. (Obviously.) I do, however, own Annie Bennett and Bonnie Maddox.
Synopsis: Annie Bennett, a stubborn and independent girl, embarks on a journey to good ol' London, England with her best friend, Bonnie Maddox, Annie's opposite. Their adventure encounters many twists, turns, drama, and Beatles. All these experiences tests Annie and she has to grow as a person.

"You did not! You're lying!" Bonnie shrieks. I've told her about my encounter with Paul McCartney.

"But I'm not! I'm dead serious! I met Paul McCartney!" We squeal.

"And I'll be meeting him tomorrow!" We squeal again, although I'm not as excited about this part. I don't want Bonnie to meet him. I'm scared he will like her more, because she's generally the prettier one with dark hair and tan skin. I'm such a jealous person. I can't believe I am acting like this. And about a boy! I'm putting to shame all the values I have ever made in my lifetime. But the way Paul smiled and winked at me... it gives me butterflies to even think about it. I'm so dumb.

Bonnie and I had fallen asleep shortly after our squeal-fest over Paul. We were awoken around two in the morning by the phone. It was my parents. It was about 8:00 P.M. in America. They couldn't seem to understand that I was tired and wanted to finish my sleep. Bonnie's parents let Bonnie actually call them when she wanted to. After my phone call with them, I went back to sleep for another 6 hours.

"Bonnie. Wake up." I rip the covers off and shake her shoulders. I had woken up early, around 8 and had gotten ready in 15 minutes. I have always been known for my promptness, but I have outdone myself today.

For clothes, I picked out a light pink sleeveless dress that came a few inches above the knees. It's something I shouldn't even own, but what my parents don't know, won't hurt them. I picked out a pair of knee-length socks and white sandals with a low heel. My long, blonde hair is down, straight, and parted to the side. I add a white ribbon. I look all right, I guess. Hopefully I look good enough for Paul.

Bonnie opens her eyes and then widens them when she sees me. "Whoa! Look at you!" I look down and shrug. "I bet you're a Beatles fan now!" She laughs and throws a pillow at me.

I dodge the pillow. "I just want to... look nice."

She snorts. "Whatever."

About an hour later, we are finally leaving the room. Bonnie couldn't decide what she wanted to wear, but finally decided on a powder blue sleeveless dress with white pumps and her long brown hair is up in a fancy bouffant-type do' that looks amazing on her. Even when her look was a tad more modest than mine, she looked better. I hate being jealous.

We walk out in the hall and link arms. We are definitely acting way too giddy for our own good.

The concert was fun, although the music was cheesy and the screaming girls were annoying. Anytime to stare at Paul, though, is nice. I couldn't tell if he saw me, but I'm pretty sure he winked at me. I hope it was me. Now I took a good look at the three other Beatles. They're not bad looking either. I couldn't wait for it to be over.

Bonnie and I are standing behind the building now. People are walking by, staring at us. It's cold beyond belief and we're shivering like crazy. So much for looking "hot".

We've been standing here for awhile now and I'm scared that we're being stood up.

"Where is Paul?" Bonnie asks, shaking.

I shake my head. This is why I hate boys and why they're my weakness. I always trust them when I know I shouldnt. I should've learned my lesson before. I won't cry, though...

All of a sudden, I hear a whisper. "Annie... are you there?" I turn around to see a green door, slightly ajar.

I lean in towards the door. "Paul? Is that you?"

"Shh! Come in. Quickly!" Bonnie is right behind me as we shuffle into the door and are finally with our Beatle. My Beatle. The door slams behind us and now I'm face-to-face with Paul. "Hi Annie."

I smile. "Hi Paul." Bonnie clears her throat. "Oh, yes. This is my friend, Bonnie."

"'Ello Bonnie. It's a pleasure to meet you." He shakes her hand and I feel jealous again. Now he turns his attention to both of us. "Follow me."

We follow him. He leads us to a room that reads "Janitor's Closet" on the outside. He sticks in a key and turns the door knob, opening the door into a huge dressing room. A huge, empty dressing room.

"Where are all the other Beatles?" Bonnie blurts out.

Paul smiles, loosening his tie. "Not here." Bonnie shuts up and grins. I feel like the cool one right now, as I stand here, tall and confident, as if Paul and I have been friends forever. "No. We're going to meet them somewhere. I hope you girls like to dance." Bonnie and I both nod our heads. Paul throws his tie on to the dresser and takes off his jacket, which he throws on to the couch. He walks over to a closet and pulls out a more casual jacket and slips it on. He turns around and looks at us as if he just notices us. His eyes set on me. "Woo! Look at you!" I shrug, feeling a bit overexposed and self conscious. "Cat got your tongue?" He walks over and brushes his thumb across my nose. Then he looks at us both again. "You two must be freezing! Let me get you some jackets." He picks up the jacket on the couch and hands it to me and then gets another jacket for Bonnie. "Are you birds ready to go?" We nod.

Chapter 1
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