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For No One - Chapter 2

yspace.comTitle: For No One
Author: chester_bnngton
Starring: The Beatles & Mary Klaine
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own the Beatles, I only own Mary Klaine, this is a fictional story with lots of real facts, but mostly everything is fictional.

John took a beer and a couple of sandwiches and sat in a table beside Mary
“You’re gonna let him join the band?” Mary asked taking one sandwich and taking a bite.
“No” John said decided.
“But why?... are you nuts?” Mary said surprised
“No, he’s good, very good” John said with a calmed tune
“Wait.. Isn’t that why you should let him join?”
“Mary, Paul is good, maybe better than me, and I… I don’t want…” John said ashamed “I don’t want him to take my place in the band”
“Ouh Johnny don’t be silly, you made that band and yeah he’s good but not better, and he’s younger than you, you learned with ukulele chords… maybe he can teach you what he knows and in that way, you’ll be even better” she said encouraging her friend like she always did
“You think so?”
“I’m sure” she said with a smile
“Ok, I’m gonna let him join just because you want to… hope is not ‘cause you find him hot or s’mthing”
“W-what?” Mary said spitting out her coke and turning all red
“I’m joking silly gurrrl” he said laughing
“Oh” she said relieved
“Don’t worry sunshine” he said rubbing his hand in her face and messed her hair like he always do.
“Arss” she said fixing up her hair
Like John promised to Mary, he let Paul get into the band, Paul was a 15 years old kid who attended to the Liverpool Institute, one year ago his mom died of cancer, he lived very close to John and even closer to Mary, he lived with his father Jim and his younger brother Michael, Paul started to play the guitar some time later of his mom’s passing. Paul was a really dedicated kid and played the guitar everywhere and all day long, as soon as he heard from Ivan that he was accepted in the band he offered his house for practices, because his father was always out working.
The first day that they got together for a practice, John for no one’s surprise took Mary with him.
“Nice place McCartney” John said looking around
“Eh… thank you”
The practice was doing fine, John learned some things with Paul, but Mary barely spoke and Paul used to stare at her when no one was watching and that made her feel more uncomfortable and shy, John was too excited to notice. When the practice ended Mary and John left, she didn’t even say Good Bye, Ivan in the other hand stayed with Paul.
“This was nice…” Ivan said excited
“Yeah it was”
“Bloody McCartney, you’re an ice bloke… aren’t you excited?” Ivan said looking at Paul
“Of course I am” he said and thought for a while and then continued “John and that bird…”
“Yeah, Mary… they’re together? You know? Boyfriend and girlfriend?”
“No way… they could call each other brother and sister more than boyfriend and girlfriend, they’re friends since they were kids… but why?”
“Just curiosity” Paul said
“You liked her, don’t you?”
“Nah… not my type” Paul said throwing himself in the couch
“Good, ‘cause John is really jealous, no one can touch her not even with the petal of a rose”
“Oh, John’s a jealous guy eh?” showing not much interest
“Yep, and that gurl is his life”
Meanwhile John and Mary were walking to Mary’s house
“You did great” Mary said to John
“Oh and the queen talks” John said sarcastically
“Why?” she said not understanding
“You were quiet the whole practice”
“Like if you don’t know that I’m quiet” she said pushing him
“Well, you were quieter then”
“I don’t know them” Mary excused herself
“You just don’t know Paul”
“It’s the same”
“How cute, you like the guy” John said teasing
“And I’m the queen of England too… don’t be silly, of course not” she said nervous
“Good, ‘cause he has a good nose, I don’t want to break it” he said laughing
“With you as a friend, I’ll never have a boyfriend”
“That’s good for me”
“Then you’re gonna marry me and take care of our kids and wake up in the middle of the night to change their diapers, whatcha think?”
“They would be such a good looking kids, you don’t deserve them, let’s wait some years and maybe I’ll do you the favour to marry me” John said with a laughter
“You’d wish to marry someone like me”
“A boring not talking bird?... never”
“Boring you’re darn Aunt Mimi” Mary said angry and walked into her house and shut the door behind her almost in John’s nose.
“Now what?” John said looking at the closed door “Birds” he thought and walked away.
Mary who now was 14 was too young to think about love, but old enough to be attracted to boys, something that she have never felt, well, just for Elvis of course. But she felt weird to have Paul in the same room, she didn’t know what it was, she didn’t know if she liked him or it was just that she didn’t know him, the only thing she did know was that that had never happened to her before. She didn’t understand why John’s comment drove her mad either, he was playing like always, why it hurt her that he said that he would never marry some like her?. Everything was so confusing for her now, she was through lots of changes like every girl of her age, and it was driving her crazy.
Paul and John started to be good friends very fast, even tough John still felt that jealousy with him, when Paul brought him his first own song he couldn’t be left behind and started to write his own songs too, they were motivating each other to be better not even realizing it. They spent lots of time together writing and making songs and that made Mary hang around with Paul more often, something that didn’t bother Paul at all but it made Mary feel weirder every time. One day Paul introduce a guy to John, it was a kid from his school who was in the same grade than his little brother Michael, he played the guitar and it had the same age than Mary, and that was the problem, he was too young, John loved how he played the guitar, but his age wasn’t so convincing for being in the band, so they had him around for a while, until they officially accept him. His name was George Harrison, a really skinny guy with big ears and was as quiet as Mary, not very wit but he was very funny, he was a rebel since the beginning, he was 14 and had long hair already (Well, that was considered as long hair back in 1957). Unlike Paul and Mary, she got along with George very fast, in the practices they used to talk when Paul and John were busy arguing about new ideas or new chords; it was just when Paul opened up his mouth when Mary shut hers.
At the rehearsals only attended Paul, George and John who were the ones with the difficult instruments, the reunions switched between Paul’s house and George’s house, never in John’s house. “Mimi would kill me” he always said, Mary was the only one allowed to go into John’s house, every time Paul went to John’s house asking for him, Mimi kicked him out.
At the ending of 1957, John got into the “Art College” and Mary was admitted to the Liverpool Institute where Paul and George attended, so she started to study with George, a thing that made them closer than before.
“You’re gonna love ‘ere… John’s happy that you’re ‘ere now” George said to Mary the first day of school “he says that I can keep an eye on you”
“Keep an eye on me?” Mary said surprised
“Yep, he told me that if I don’t take care of you he’d kick me out of the group before he kills me” he said with a dramatic tune.
“That Johnny… he should get a bird so he can have someone to ‘keep an eye on’” she said laughing
“I thought you two were together at first”
“Ew no… kiss John would be like kissing my brother, and that’s something that I don’t know how it would be like, and don’t really wanna know” she said and they both laughed.
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